Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Orleans Eats: Drago's for THE Go-To Place for Char Broiled Oysters!

We stumbled upon Drago's merely by chance since it was right in our hotel in New Orleans, the Hilton Riverside.  Since the place always seemed busy and bustling, a quick browse of the Yelp reviews showed that Drago's is touted by many as having the best charbroiled oysters in the area!

Since we had just eaten the night before at Acme and the charbroiled oysters there were the highlight of our meal, we decided to do a little taste test.

Ladies and gents...I think the picture below speaks for itself!  Covered in glorious amounts of melted butter and cheese, what's not to love?  And just like Acme, you get some bread to sop up the drippings.  But, at Drago's this dish has more buttery goodness, the cheese is a bit creamier, and the oysters were juicier than Acme's.  Probably the best bite of food I had in New Orleans, maybe even topping the first bite into Willie Mae's crispy fried chicken.

We also ordered a dozen ray oysters.  The raw oysters tasted good, but the oyster shucker didn't do a great job of cleaning the oysters since there was still quite a bit of dirt on the underside of the shell.  Yep, not good if you're trying to slurp it off the half shell.

Drago's at Hilton New Orleans Riverside
2 Poydras St

New OrleansLA 70140
(504) 584-3911

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  1. Going to try some! Going there for the first time this weekend! Great photos!


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