Monday, December 19, 2011

New Orleans Eats: Mother's for Delicious, No Frills, Home Cookin!

Mother's is a long standing New Orleans institution that has been serving locals since 1938.  There's often a line at Mother's and it was no different when we went on Saturday at around 11am.  They're a do-it-all diner that serves breakfast, local specialties such as po-boy sandwiches, gumbo, etouffee, and jambalaya.  Mother's is also known for their baked ham and all their meats, which are cooked in-house.

For lunch we ordered the famous "Ferdi Special", which was an awesome sandwich that has a sampling of their meats.  It comes with their baked ham, roast beef, and "debris" (roast beef pieces that fall in the gravy), au jus gravy, coleslaw, and mustard.  Sounds like a crapload of ingredients but they all come together really well!  A must-order if you stop by the restaurant.

We also ordered a side of turtle soup to start.  The broth had a very deep flavor and was great, just maybe a little salty after having a bit.  It was my first time having turtle ever though...the shell is used for stock and the meat it's shredded into the soup (and yes it tastes like chicken).

Lastly, we ordered a side of dirty rice...looks so simple but is oh soooo flavorful and good!

Everything we ordered was simple yet tasted great.  This is the one restaurant I wish I returned to on our trip since they serve quite a variety of food (they even have fried chicken!)  Mother's just serves no frills, hearty comfort food, that simply hits the spot.  

Check out this clip from Man Vs. Food!


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