Friday, December 16, 2011

New Orleans Eats: Willie Mae's Scotch House for Awesome Fried Chicken!

Willie Mae's Scotch House in New Orleans has made the leap in going beyond being known as a local neighborhood favorite to being crowned "Best Fried Chicken in the Country" by Food Network and the Travel Channel, likely setting up extremely high expectations for anyone going in to try their famous fried chicken.

For better or worse, the restaurant has become a tourist destination, and reviews online have noted long waits at peak hours.  Located about a mile or two outside the comfy confines of the French Quarter, it's best to take a cab to the restaurant since it's located in a pretty isolated area that supposed can get dicey at night.

Our group went on an Monday at around 3pm so we were able to snag a table without waiting in line.  There were several delicious looking soul food dishes on the menu but were were all there for the fried chicken!  A three piece dinner with a side is a very reasonable $10.  

The chicken was cooked fresh to order and was served piping hot.  There is a batter but the skin is very light and extremely crispy.  Yes, the batter and the chicken is a bit greasy, but the inside of the chicken very moist and juicy as well.  Their chicken is definitely unique and really really good.  I try to stay away from does it live up to "the best fried chicken" hype since some people may ultimately get disappointed.  I just simply sat down, enjoyed my meal, and ate some really good fried chicken!

With an order of chicken you get the choice of a side...which includes fries, red beans and rice, butter beans and rice, and green beans and rice.  Here's a pic of a "side" of butter beans and rice.  As you can see, it's a huge healthy portion and the beans and rice tasted delicious...just so hearty and comforting....

We also ordered a side of green beans and rice, which was also excellent!

Willie Mae's serves up some deeee-licious fried chicken, with some amazing side dishes to boot!  I would definitely recommend coming here if you're in the New Orleans area.

Here's a feature on the restaurant:

Willie Mae's Scotch House
2401 Saint Ann Street
New Orleans LA 70119
Phone: 504-822-9503


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