Wednesday, January 4, 2012

La Fonda in Astoria for Dinosaur Sized Portions of Columbian Food!

I always have had a soft spot for hearty Latin American food, and La Fonda in Astoria serves huge tasty portions of Columbian Food at reasonable prices.  They have a huge menu with daily specials.  I ordered the "typical" platter....which is a bit of a misnomer since it's basically a huge plate of food with everything in it.

You want some beef, fried pork belly, plantain, avocado, bread, rice, and beans all topped with a fried egg?  Then you go and order the typical platter....but just know that it may take two to finish the plate!  The food was very tasty and for around $13 it's a pretty good deal.  Oh, and make sure you ask for their homemade hot sauce!  It's very tasty and goes well with the meats.

The daily special for that Saturday was I believe short rib soup.  The soup is served 
separately in a huge bowl with potatoes and plantains.

The braised short ribs were served separately with rice and a side coleslaw type salad.  The beef was soft
and the salad tasted fresh and help cut through the richness of the beef and soup.  Both dishes combined were just a mere $8 or awesome deal.

La Fonda 

3225 Steinway St
AstoriaNY 11103
(718) 726-9857

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