Monday, June 23, 2014

Get Your Polish Gastropub Fix... At Kristophe in Williamsburg

Polish food is one of my favorite comfort foods.  My favorite Polish spot in Brooklyn is the delicious and super reasonably priced (we're talking almost Chinatown prices!) Krolewski Jadlo.  It's so good I wrote about it twice..HERE and HERE.

I was very nicely surprised to find out that the owners had opened up a second, ,more upscale in the area after a Yelp search of nearby restaurants to eat after a fun and free Chvrches show during a recent weekend at McCarren Park.  Kristophe is the name of the new venture and we were both happy we stopped by there when St Anselm had a wait!

I ordered the pork chop with raspberry wine glaze, parsnip puree, and beans.  The pork chop was cooked well and the wine sauce was tasty.

My fiancee ordered the duck legs with potato dumplings, red cabbage, and a cherry sauce.   The sauce was also delicious and the duck legs cooked well, and were not dried out.  The portion was enormous as you get two whole legs!  The potato dumplings were also delicious and also very filling, and we ended up having to take most of the food home!  For a nice sized duck entree the price was very reasonable at $18.

The meal was great and I would definitely go back!  Kristophe is just a few doors down from uber popular St Anselm and is a great (and arguably better) alternative rather than waiting for a table at that restaurant.  
Just a quick tip that on their website it says that happy hour is daily from 5 to 7pm if you can make it that time...if you do you score some $3 beers, $6 wines, and half off apps.

221 N4th st
(right by Metropolitan Ave in the Williamsburg area
Brooklyn NY 11211

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