Sunday, April 15, 2012

Second Visit to Krolewski Jadlo in Brooklyn for Some Awesome Polish Food

This past winter, I was able to visit Krolewski Jadlo in Brooklyn on two occasions for Groupons that needed to be used up.  (You can see my first post here).  Even without a Groupon though, the Krolewski is a great Polish restaurant that serves hearty food at affordable prices, with entrees ranging from just $7 to $15.

For appetizer on the second visit we had potato pancakes with smoked salmon and herbed cream.  These were great and the salmon/potato cake combo was awesome.

One of the entrees we ordered was the delicious hangar steak with dark beer sauce, creamy spinach, and mash.  At $14 this is actually one of the most expensive items on the menu!

One of the specials we ordered was the grilled pork shoulder with honey.  The glaze on the pork shoulder was sweet and complemented it well.  It came with some great roasted potatoes as well.  Another hearty dish!

The other special we ordered was the pan roasted rabbit with a nice berry reduction served with a side of fried dumplings.  This was probably the best rabbit I've had.  I've ordered rabbit a number of times in the past and it has often come out dry and stringy; like overcooked chicken breast.  They cooked theirs really well as it was still very moist and flavorful!

So there it too can get a hearty Polish meal at a decent price if you're in Brooklyn in the Greenpoint area.  Just head to Krolewski Jadlo and sample one of their awesome dishes.

Krolewski Jadlo
694 Manhattan Ave (in Greenpoint)
Brooklyn NY 11222

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