Sunday, January 22, 2012

Krolewski Jadlo in Brooklyn for Incredible Polish Food for Amazing Prices!

Getting a full entree in and around the NYC area for around $10 is rare enough, but getting QUALITY food for that price is even rarer...and getting a Groupon for such a place is almost unheard of.  So when a Groupon for Krolewski Jadlo, a Polish restaurant in Brooklyn, came up for two apps, two entrees, and a dessert for $19, I had to snag it!

But wait, I know as your reading this the question it worth going there without a coupon?  The answer is an emphatic "Hell Yes!"   Most of their entrees are below the $10 mark!  The only ones that are above $10 are the understandably more expensive game meats...roasted rabbit legs for $14.50?  Yep that's pretty much the most expensive item on the menu.   There's a delicious sounding party platter for four people at $44, but even that works out to about $11 a person!

You can check their menu and prices HERE:

So for the deal we had two apps:

First is the chef's pierogies, stuffed with spinach, goat cheese, and in a creamy mushroom sauce.
The flavors were great, and the portion is huge for an appetizer (but good if you have a big 
appetite though!)

We also got the beef tartare.  Yes that's raw ground beef with a raw egg on top, with some onions, pickles, capers, and mushrooms.  The dish tasted fresh but we had to add some salt to season it.

You also get some sliced bread, pickles, and some spread...which was delicious and almost tasted like a creamy chicken salad.  Just enjoy and don't ask what it is.  (The secret is that it's in lard!)

We had a third person so we ordered an extra entree.  The pork in crepes with mushrooms (only $8.50!) was the best dish of the day.  The pork and crepe were so delicious and full flavored...and the portion is big!

The stuffed wild boar in pepper cognac sauce was ok.  It's stuffed with I believe dates and spinach.  
The sauce and the stuffing were a touch on the sweeter side, so I was hoping the sauce would taste more savory.

The other entree was venison meatballs in a mushroom sauce with boiled polish dumplings. 
The meatballs were tasty and lean, the dumplings tasted good as well but were heavier and doughy.

Finally, for dessert we got the apple pie, which was delicious.  The pie 
was served piping hot and the tart sauce was a nice counter to the pie and ice cream.

So there it is...a great meal at a great restaurant.  Groupon or not, you're delicious, unique food at super affordable prices.  Definitely one of my favorite spots in Brooklyn and will be back many more times!

Krolewski Jadlo
694 Manhattan Ave
BrooklynNY 11222
Neighborhood: Greenpoint
(718) 383-8993

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