Monday, November 25, 2013

Crazy Colombian Hot Dogs at Los Perros Locos in the Lower East Side

As far as the "crazy toppings on your hot dogs" spots I've had the pleasure of having including Crif Dogs, Asiadog, and Japadog, the relative newcomer Los Perros Locos is probably my favorite.  Los Perros Locos tops theirs with almost an obscene list of over the top and yummy ingredients, which means it's spot is great for a late night meal after a night of drinking or just simply after catching a show in one of the many venues in the area.  It's a bit on the outskirts of the area by Allen St and Stanton and easy to miss, but it's worth going out of your way for.

I only found out about this place after picking up a Groupon, and I'm glad I did the deal included three dogs, a salchipapa (one of the most genius food combos ever--hot dogs with french fries) and two beers.  They have a pretty good selection of Central/South American beers as well, including Aguila, Presidente, and Cusquena.

The owner, Alex, was very cool and recommended the the three dogs below:

This is the Mas Perfecto, topped with a bunch of salsas, crushed potato chips, melted mozzarella, apple chipotle slaw, fried bacon cubes and quail eggs.  If this looks like you could get messy eating this you would be right.  Under all that craziness there's a hot dog and bun in there somewhere!

The second recommended dog is the Chimi-churri-chori Dog, with comes with a chorizo instead, grilled provoleta cheese, crushed potato chips, and what else, a chimichurri sauce!

Last but not least, we also had the Amerro Perro, which is topped with a list chili, chipotle kraut, crushed Fritos, shredded cheese and more!

We also had the salchipapa, which consisted of a few waffle fries topped with some of the salsas used on the dogs as well as chorizo and fried bacon cubes.

Overall this is a great spot and I hope they stick around, I for sure will be stopping by again after a late night in the Lower East Side!

Los Perros Locos
201 Allen St
(by Stanton St)
New York, NY 10002

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