Monday, November 18, 2013

The Peanut Butter Burger and Great Craft Beers at Harlem Public

I was able to stop by after work one day to check out this cool little spot in Harlem that offers a good selection of craft beers and a popular burger that has bacon, cheddar, and peanut butter.  As weird as weird as that sounds, it actually kind of works.  Just think of Asian foods with a peanut based sauce like Satay skewers and the flavors are a bit similar.

During my visit, the burger was cooked very well and juicy, the bun and fries were great, and the peanut butter did go well with with the burger.  My only criticism is that they put way too much peanut butter that it overpowered the burger and got stuck to the roof of my mouth.  When I took some of the pb out it worked better.

Here it is, seems weird but it works!  You can see that they added a lot of peanut butter, brush some of it off and you have a great burger.  

Their rotating beer selection here is great as well.  When I was there earlier in the fall they had the Southern Tier Pumpkin Ale, which is close to 9.0% alcohol.  It's my favorite pumpkin beer and strongly recommended if you can still get your hands on it.

Harlem Public
3612 Broadway
(between 148th St & 149th St) New YorkNY 10031Neighborhood: Harlem
(212) 939-9404

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