Monday, December 9, 2013

Sooo Good! The Mussels and Cream Crepe at Pates Et Traditions in Willamsburg

One of my girlfriend's favorite places to eat is a quaint little spot in Brooklyn called Pates Et Traditions, which is quickly becoming our go-to spot for crepes.  Nestled in a quiet corner on the outskirts of Williamsburg, the cozy restaurant is decorated with rustic French decor, complete with some French waitstaff (minus the snobbishness!)

The must haves here are definitely their savory crepes; the savory crepes are soooo good they trump their sweet dessert crepes.  I've been here several times to try some different savory crepes, but my favorite has to be the mussels crepe, which also has Swiss cheese, cream, and onions.  For a seafood crepe it tastes very decadent, and the fact that they serve their savory crepes are open-faced mean that there's more filling than if they had completely wrapped it.

My girlfriend ordered the shrimp curry crepe.  This was also amazing; the spinach tasted very fresh and was sauteed well, and the shrimp perfectly cooked.  The curry flavor was evident but not overpowering.

I highly recommend this restaurant.  There will be a wait on weekends during brunch and peak times during dinner, but it is definitely worth trying and will fill satisfy your crepe cravings!

Pates Et Traditions
52 Havemeyer St.
Between N6th and N7th st
Brooklyn NY 11211
(718) 302-1878

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