Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pio Pio for Peruvian in NYC

While Pio Pio is an expanding Peruvian restaurant chain in NYC, the food they serve still remains pretty awesome.  Pio now has four locations in the city, two in Queens, and one in the Bronx, and is known best for their Peruvian rotisserie chicken.  I went to the Jackson Heights location, which was huge and spacious compared to some of the spots in the city.

Our group decided to start with some ceviche and some sangria.  Let me tell you, their sangria is good and STRONG.  Two glasses and I was tipsy.  The ceviche wasn't quite as good as the one from my favorite restaurant Oh Calamres in Kearny, NJ.  For the price, the serving was small and flavors a bit bland.

Many order the "Matador Combo", with a whole roasted chicken with a bunch of sides that can easily feed three to four people.  Their chicken was great...tender and super tasty, and oh yeah...when it comes to Peruvian rotisserie chicken, it's all about the green sauce!!!

Yes, that is one whole roasted chicken!

By far the best surprise of the night was the side of fries and hot dogs...so happy we ordered sangria, because as I devoured this the hot dogs and fries tasted amaaaazing!  Who thinks of this dish?!

They also have a hearty avocado salad

Some maduros, or plantains

...And of course, rice and beans.

So there you have it...while Pio Pio may not replace Oh Calamares as my go-to Peruvian spot, the food there, especially the chicken, is still great and is great for groups and want to share a family-style meal.

Pio Pio
(the location i went to is.....)
8402 Northern Blvd
Jackson HeightsNY 11372Neighborhood: Jackson Heights
(718) 426-4900

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