Friday, March 23, 2012

Oh! Calamares in Kearny, NJ for Some Damn Good Peruvian Food!

I'll have to credit my brother for introducing me to Oh! Calamares in Kearny years ago and has been my favorite spot to get Peruvian food...with good seafood and hearty meat dishes at reasonable prices in a cozy, family run restaurant.   The restaurant is located on Kearny ave, on the same street around a mile away from the Harrison Path St Station.  Going to this little known mostly locals only spot is worth the trek!

Every meal there starts with a roasted corn snack served with a spicy green sauce.  

When I'm there, I always get their delicious mixed seafood ceviche appetizer.  You can adjust the spice level
as well (I always ask for spicy!)   It's served with giant corn kernels, which is common in peruvian food, and goes really well with the spicy, tart sauce.

Lomo Saltado is a famous traditional Peruvian dish that uses beef strips, french fries, onions, drizzled with soy sauce and served on a sizzling platter!  Tell me that does not sound awesome....whoever came up with this dish is genius!  Oh! Calamares' version is great, trust me and just make sure you order it when you get there!

Another popular Peruvian dish is their rotisserie chicken, which is seasoned quite differently from what you might usually get.  Their half chicken is tasty and even the white meat stays moist and juicy.

One time I was there and also ordered a stewed beef dish (I forgot the exact name), and it came with rice and beans (as well as a piece of steamed yucca).  This dish was also delicious and I believe was only around $10.

Oh! Calamares
102 Kearny Ave
KearnyNJ 07032
(201) 998-4111 

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