Friday, March 30, 2012

Craving Cheese Steak in NYC? Head to Shorty's!

The Philly Cheese Steak is one of the best and heartiest sandwiches ever, and Shorty's in NYC has some of the best in the area.  It's located on 9th Ave right by the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Shorty's is a bar that serves some decent beers on tap and is famous for two Philly sandwiches, their cheese steak and roast pork with broccoli rabe and provolone.  I ordered the cheese steak and it stood toe to toe with Philly's best.

Shorty's version of the sandwich is served on a crisp, crusty bread that is soft in the middle.  There is a good amount of juicy beef slathered with a ton of Cheez Whiz.  You can also get it with other type of cheeses, but ya gotta get it with Whiz!

Take a closer look and see all the beefy and cheesy goodness just oozing out!

I had an online deal when I went ($6 for a sandwich and a pint).  The same combo is I believe regularly $12, but well worth the price if you're craving a great cheese steak outside of Philly.

576 9th Ave
(between 41 and 42nd st)
NY, NY 10036  


  1. Looks a hell of a lot better than what I had last week in the birthplace of cheesesteaks!!

  2. I wasn't a fan of Geno's and hadn't had a chance to try Pat's, so after looking at your picture I guess I won't be trying it anytime soon! I actually prefer Tony Lukes or Jim's in Philly...

  3. Your photo makes me want to go to Tony Luke's tomorrow. About a 40 minute drive.
    I've had Jim's steaks a few times and enjoyed them. I actually mentioned Jim's in a post last July. Now, the cheesesteak pictured on the table at Betsy Ross' house looked good.


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