Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hatsuhana for Yummy Sushi in NYC

Hatsuhana is one of the nicer sushi places in the city, but you get what you pay for in terms of quality.  I had been to Hatsuhana once before and liked it, so we took advantage of a deal for $40 for $80.  Their menu is varied with a big selection of hot and cold appetizers, and they also have a nice selection of sushi entrees.  Regular sushi combos are in the 20s, while "deluxe" items are in the 30s.  You can view the full menu HERE.

We started with the lobster tempura, which was amazing.  The pieces of tempura were large and crispy, and unmistakably lobster tail.  They even placed the tail on top for a cool presentation.

The other hot appetizer ordered was the "chawanmushi", which is a steamed savory egg custard.  The chawanmushi had bits of mushrooms and chicken and the texture of the custard was oh-so-velvety, but overall the dish was lacking in flavor.

The chirashi special was beautifully arranged and delicious.  All the fish, including the uni (sea urchin) tasted fresh.  I should also mentionthat at Hatsuhana, all their wasabi is freshly grated from the actual root!  This makes quite a difference in taste.

The other entree ordered was the sushi special (middle tier as far as sushi entrees go).  They had yellow tail and amber jack, and I chose the yellowtail with scallion for the roll.  

As far as good quality traditional sushi spots that uses fresh, high quality ingredients, Hatsuhana is a solid choice.  I visited the midtown location but both have gotten decent ratings.

17 E 48th St
(between 5th Ave & Madison Ave)
New YorkNY 10017
(212) 355-3345 (**reservations recommended**)

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