Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Flavors at the Newly Renovated Doughnut Plant in the Lower East Side!

I think this is my third entry about Doughnut Plant, which does such a great job of bringing repeat customers back due to their ever rotating seasonal flavors to keep things fresh.  I stopped by a couple of times recently just after I found out that their original Lower East Side location was renovated to match the look of their newer Chelsea location.

Some of the great new donuts include:  Chocolate Chip Donut....this was awesome.  It's basically a chocolate glazed donut with crumbled chocolate chip cookies sprinkled on the outside.

Next up is the hazelnut donut stuffed with chocolate.  It's s small donut but packs a flavor punch!  The hazelnut flavor REALLY comes through and was so aromatic.  The chocolate filling was smooth and compliments the hazelnut really well.

I love pineapples, and their pineapple donut was awesome and choc full of pineapple-y goodness!

Of some of the newer flavors, the only one that was a letdown was the salted peanut.  I'm a fan of savory desserts (anything salted caramel or salt with chocolate is awesome), but this donut tasted more like just peanut flavor instead of salted peanut.

Here's their new fancy display case with some of their donuts.  Some of the perennial faves like tres teche, carrot cake, and creme brulee are still always in stock.

Here's the new storefront.

Finally, last fall I was able to try some seasonal flavors but forgot about posting them.  They included the (then) new strawberry donut (I got the yeast version).  It was pretty good from what I remember.

The sesame donut was really amazing.  The sesame seeds really come through and gave a super, nutty toasted flavor.

The Valrhona chocolate was just ok.  I got the yeast instead of a cake version and it just simply reminded me of a chocolate glazed donut.  This flavor is still around now.

Two locations:

Lower East Side
379 Grand St

220 West 23rd Street
New York

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