Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fast Food Indian in a Mall? Go to "Taste of India" in Newport Mall, NJ!

Some time ago last year I had to stop by near Newport Mall for an errand and went to the food court to get some lunch.  For the first time ever in a NJ mall I saw an Indian fast food vendor serving some familiar Indian faves such as various curries, biryani, tandoori, etc.  

I looove spicy curries and ordered the lamb vindaloo (a spicier curry) with chicken biryani and a side of gobi aloo (cauliflower and potatoes).  While it wasn't cheap at around $10, the food tasted pretty good, especially considering it's from a food court.

The vindaloo actually had a pretty nice kick and was tasty.  The chicken biryiani was also flavorful.  The naan bread wasn't the best though and you could tell it had been sitting for a bit.  And yes, I also got a mango lassi as well!

If you ever find yourself in Newport Mall, make sure you stop by Taste of India!

Taste of India
Newport Mall in Jersey City

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