Saturday, August 20, 2011

Delhi Heights in Jackson Heights for Some Delicious Indian

I had been in the mood for some Indian food and luckily we had an online coupon for $12 for $25 worth of food at Delhi Heights.  Some of the reviews on Yelp have noted that they serve some of the best Indian food in NYC, so I was anxiously excited since some Groupon deals have yielded just so-so experiences.

We started out with some samosas, which normally isn't what I would order since these are very common and you can get these at any Indian restaurant, but their version was pretty good.  Freshly fried and the potato and cumin flavors inside were rich. 

Another fairly common entree that we ordered was the Tandoori chicken, but Delhi Heights was freshly made and incredibly juicy and flavorful.  It's also served on a sizzling platter on top of onions for a dramatic presentation!

One of my favorite curry dishes is Vindaloo, since it's one of the spicier curries.  Here we ordered the lamb Vindaloo and it didn't disappoint!  The sauce was thick and spicy and the lamb was very tender.

We also ordered a side of garlic naan which was amazingly good!  You can taste the fresh garlic and it's brushed I believe with a little clarified butter and was served piping hot....delicious!

The ambiance of the restaurant is also actually very nice and cozy, but the only funny thing I noticed is that they seem to play some 90s techno on a loop.  So if you miss and want to hear a club version of C&C Music Factory while chowing down on some delicious Indian food, Delhi Heights in Jackson Heights is the place to go!

Delhi Heights
(718) 507-1111
37-66 74th St
Jackson HeightsNY 11372

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