Sunday, July 17, 2011

Brooklyn Flea Smorgasburg: Part 2...A Look at Some of the Sweets!

Ok this is the second installment of some of the yummy foods from the Brooklyn Flea Smorgasburg, focusing on sweet treats.  (My first entry here):  It was a hot summer day and after getting some good food to eat, a great way to cool down was to get the immensely popular Kelvin gourmet slushy stand.  Their food truck actually won for 2010 Vendy Awards "Best Dessert" Food Truck!  You can mix from a choice of a few bases...they had a ginger and Arnold Palmer (their citrus + tea) base.  I chose the ginger base with mint mixed in...soooooo refreshing on a hot day!  Other mix-ins include basil, mango, white peach, guava, etc.

Ok, people who know me know that I've been obsessive about Doughnut Plant NYC since a friend has turned me on to them last summer.  Well, I stumbled across a stand that sold some amazing looking and HUGE doughnuts that looked very similar in style to Doughnut Plant NYC's donuts.  They also use all natural ingredients and looked sooooo good.  Called Dough, and found only in Brooklyn, also had a stand at the Flea.

Look at the size of those dinosaur size donuts!  The donuts are also fairly priced at $2 each and cheaper than Doughnut Plant, ranging from $2.50 to $3 a donut.  At the stand they also have showcased creative flavors such as hibiscus, dulce de leche, lemon poppy, etc.

I chose the hibiscus donut, which had real hibiscus flowers!  It's really soft and soo fluffy that I almost wanted to use it as a pillow.  It's also big enough to feed two or even three people.

Another cool looking dessert push cart was the very simple Nana's frozen banana truck.  It's a whole frozen banana dipped in chocolate, and you can have your choice of toppings, which included sea salt, cocunut, and sprinkles, among others.

I must admit that this was the first time I had frozen bananas and they were so simple yet so good!  I got the chocolate and sea salt combo.  Which was really good but the guy put a bit too much sea salt on it.  Who cares if looked extremely phallic, it tasted great!

Our last dessert stop was Danny Macaroons, which focused solely on a variety of coconut macaroons.

I got the salted caramel, which was really good.  The coconut was rich and sweet and the sea salt cuts though perfectly.

There were still a lot of interesting carts I didn't get to try, so at some point there will be a return trip before the summer and the Flea is over!

Brooklyn Flea Smorgasburg
Saturday 9am to 5pm only.
27 North 6th st.
Brooklyn, NY  11211

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