Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More Doughnut Plant NYC! Still the best donuts in the area!

Doughnut Plant NYC is just amazing!  Yes, this is my second entry (read my previous review) but I feel compelled to share this lil gem of a donut shop.

Their donuts are sooo good that I constantly think about swinging by to pick up some up whenever I'm by either Lower East Side or newly opened Chelsea location.  The most amazing thing about Doughnut Plant is that while they have some faves that stay on the menu, they also have a number of seasonal donuts that they rotate on a fairly regular basis to keep regulars coming back for more!

Let me get straight to the pics!

The Carrot Cake Donut.  This is always on the menu, and for good reason!  It's amazing and really feels like you're eating a REALLY GOOD carrot cake.  

There's even icing on the inside! 

Here's another seasonal donut that is amazing...the pistachio donut (which I saw at the LES location but 
not the Chelsea one the other day)  If you like pistachios this is the donut for you.  The unmistakable pistachio flavor really comes through and it's even topped with chunks of pistachio on top!

Here's the Cocunut Creme Donut *yes it has coconut creme filling!*

The Blackout Donut, with a deep and chocolate-y flavor!

Wall o' donuts when you get to the counter.  They taste as good as they look!

If it's your first time there, I would really recommend the Creme Brulee and Carrot Cake Donuts, both are out of this world and will jog start your addiction to this donut chain!

Doughnut Plant NYC

LES Location:
379 Grand St
NY, NY 10002

Chelsea Location:
220 West 23rd st
NY NY 10011
by Chelsea Hotel

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