Saturday, July 16, 2011

Brooklyn Flea Smorgasburg: Delish Street Food in Williamsburg! Part 1

I was finally able to get to go to The Brooklyn Flea Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, a Saturday only, collection of food vendors that set up stalls by North 6th St. by Kent, right on East River Park by the water.  Just conveniently located a few blocks from the L train stop at Bedford, ample parking by car, or even by East River Ferry, I made sure to get there early to avoid the lines.  It's also best to split the food with a small group so you can sample all the eats!

There's definitely more vendors with a wider variety of food, than the Madison Square Park Eats this past June, and here are some of the highlights...I'll have to make a return trip to sample the other yummy options!
The first part of this review will focus on some of the savory items...

Bon Chovie:... a cool anchovy stand.  Here's the "Jersey":  Fried Anchovies served with chipotle aioli, 
lemon, and pickled string beans...omg they were cripsy, flavorful, and delicious!

Here's the Bon Chovie menu:  
(get it instead of Bon Jovi and the allusion to Jersey on the menu...hahahaha nevermind :p  )

Another stand that seemed really good was selling great looking food was Red Hook Lobster Pound.  There are two options for Lobster Rolls:  We got the traditional Maine style in mayo (Connecticut is in butter).  The lobster tasted amazing and yes that is a big lobster claw in the picture!  The bread it came in was toasty and fluffy as well.  

The lobster rolls were $16 each, which is actually a decent price for a lobster roll.   Theirs is actually pretty good as well.

There was a very cool mayo stand that sold gourmet mayo called Empire:  They also sold Belgian fries for $5 that came with three types of mayo.  The fries were super crispy and reminded me of Pommes Frites.  We had the smoked paprika, red chili mayo, and the curry mayo...all were goooood.

Porchetta also had a stand at the venue and was selling sandwiches for $5.  Here's the big hulking slab of skin-on rolled roast pork stuffed with herbs being stripped down.

Here's a closeup of the sandwich.  The pork itself was good, but what could've been the best part, the skin, was pretty chewy instead of crispy...

Mighty Quinn's slow smoked meats looked really gooood.  They also had a beef brisket sandwich that looked mouth-watering and amazing, but I had to save space in my tummy and got the slider instead.

Here's a closeup of the slider, which was super tender and tasty, served with a cool cucumber yogurt sauce.

Last but not least, we also got the Cemita sandwich at look at the diagram of the sandwich and I KNEW I had to get it.  That sandwich is stacked!!

Closeup of the sandwich, note how many fillings there are in there = layers of yummy flavor!  I especially loved the pickled onions and the avocado, and we got the carnitas (pork) sandwich.

That's a lot of food, and yet there were still a number of stands I didn't even get to try.  I'll have to go back a second time.  We also tried a bunch of sweet dessert type dishes and that review is coming up soon!

Brooklyn Flea Smorgasburg
Saturday 9am to 5pm only.
27 North 6th st.
Brooklyn, NY  11211

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