Saturday, June 18, 2011

Zum Schneider....Great German Food in NYC!

I've always had a soft spot for German and Polish food.  Their dishes are simply prepared and often no frills but just taste hearty and homey and makes for great comfort food.  Zum Schneider is a cozy little beer hall that's tucked away in a quiet corner by Ave C in the East Village.

My brother has been to Germany had told me that beer is cheaper than water there and is everywhere...they also do very cool things with beer.  One example is a drink called a Radler, which is beer mixed with other beverages, like a carbonated water or lemon/lime drink to make it crisp and refreshing.  At Zum Schneider they actually have a good variety of German beers and one of the few German places that sell Radlers as well.

Here's the Radler, a mix of a light wheat beer and a lemon soda for $5.  Cool and refreshing for the summer!

Appetizer of quark dumplings with sauteed cabbage.  The dumplings were crisp and buttery, and paired 
so well with the beer!

My brother ordered the stuffed pork belly with fresh herbs.  The skin on the outside of the roll was sooooo crispy, and was basically a fried pork crackling.  The dish was a little similar to an Italian porchetta.  The dish was very tasty and also came sauced with beer gravy. 

The pork belly dish also came with a great side salad that was tossed with a light vinegary
dressing....not bad for $17!

I ordered the more traditional sausage sampler, which has three types of sausage, a weiner, a weisswurst (the white sausage made with veal), and a smoked wurst.  It came with mashed potatoes and saukraut, with mustard on the side.

All in all this restaurant, along with Cafe Katja, are my two favorite spots in NY/NJ when it comes to German/Austrian/Hungarian cuisine.  Both are reasonably priced and offer a great selection of beers.

Zum Schneider
107 Ave C
(at the corner of C and East 7th another great German burger restaurant Korzo Haus)
NY, NY 10009

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