Thursday, June 23, 2011

NJ Eats: The Food Court at Super H Mart in Ridgefield NJ

Aside from the food court in Mitsuwa, there's long been a scarcity of Asian fast food eats in NJ.  Just a few years ago, the Korean chain grocery H Mart in Ridgefield was renovated to become a Super H Mart.  Aside from being a huge grocery that sells all things Korean with TONS of free food samples on weekends, Super H Mart also sells decent ready made foods and has a pretty good food court as well.

One of my favorite Korean dishes is a simple spicy soft tofu stew called Soon Du Boo, and Super H Mart's version is also very good and cheaper by many Korean restaurant standards and is only around $7 to $8 instead of the usual $10 to 12.  It also comes with kimchee and white rice.

Here's another Korean staple, Bulgogi...sauteed sliced ribeye, here with rice, soup, kimchee, and pickles.  

They also have a pretty good Korean Fried Chicken joint in the food court...

 ToreOre may not be as famous as say, Bonchon, their chicken is unique in that the light soy garlic flavor was lightly brushed on the chicken after frying (unlike Bonchon where their soy garlic chicken has a thicker flavor).  However, the brushed on sauce, although flavorful, makes the skin less crispy.

The only disappointing dish I've gotten is the monstrosity known as the Yuki Combo from one of the stands.  It comes with a hamburger with gravy, pork cutlet, fried shrimp (with ketchup???), fried egg, rice, corn, soup,  coleslaw, apple salad, and apples.  This dish is $15 and and can feed two people.  It's a lot of food but unfortunately most of the items are pretty mediocre.

Hmart also sells a good amount of decent hot foods.  Here's several bento style lunch boxes...

Sushi!  The sushi here is cheaper than Mitsuwa, though the sushi rice is not quite as good as Mitsuwa's

Finally, go on a weekend and Super H Mart has a TON of free food samples.  From noodle dishes, to dumplings, to fresh fruits, and Korean drinks.  Here's one of the best free samples ever...they were showcasing a portable halogen grill and making it was being made into Korean short rib BBQ lettuce wraps (complete with garnishes no less!!).  

If you like Asian groceries, it doesn't get any better than this...the place is MASSIVE, reasonably priced and definitely more so than Mitsuwa, it's my favorite grocery!

Super H Mart
321 Broad Ave (Rt 1 and 9)
Ridgefield NJ, 07657

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