Sunday, June 12, 2011

Whitman's in the East Village...for their take on the delicious Juicy Lucy burger!

I first learned about the Juicy Lucy watching Man vs. Food Minneapolis.  The Juicy Lucy is a cheese stuffed burger that just oozes out hot melted cheese when you bite into it.  Whitman's is a burger joint that opened up in the East Village last year that features a menu with a few creative items that make them stand out from the countless other burger joints not only in the city but also in the East Village.  Walk a few blocks and you'll get to Korzo Haus, famous for their deep fried burgers.

Whitman's doesn't have a huge menu, but they have a few creative burgers, including the aforementioned Juicy Lucy, and their version is stuffed with a pimiento cheese for a different twist.  The also have a peanut butter and bacon read that right.  A PEANUT BUTTER burger.

Once I had a GiltCity coupon for $15 worth of $30 worth of food, I knew I had to go and check this place out!

Here's their Juicy Lucy, cut right down the middle with the warm oozy cheese just flowing out.  It really is juicy and tastes as good (and as juicy!) as it looks.

Here's a view of the Juicy Lucy when first served, you can see it also comes with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and caramelized onions.

It really doesn't look like much and it is as simple as it sounds, the Peanut Butter Bacon Burger comes with just that, and you can see that the PB is spread lightly on the bun.  However, the taste is surprising good and tastes just as natural as cheese on a burger.  Who knew PB would go so well!

Their sides at Whitman's are unique as well.  First off Crack Kale....fried kale leaves sprinkled with Old Bay seasoning.  This stuff was really good and just melts in our mouth and super addictive, the texture is unlike anything you've had and is definitely worth a try if you're there.

We also got a side of fried pickles...which were pretty good, but not too different from the other places
I've had fried pickles.

Here's the check for all of the above plus a beer.  The total was $31 so all we had to pay was $1 because of our $30 Gilt City coupon!  (so the total cost of the meal was really $16...not too bad!)   

Here's a video of the Man vs. Food episode which features the two famous joints in Minneapolis, the birthplace of the Juicy Lucy.

406 E 9th St
(between 1st Ave & Avenue A)
New YorkNY 10009

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