Saturday, June 4, 2011

Quick NYC Lunch: Woorijip in Korea town!

I LOVE Woorijip!  I had a chance to try some to-go prepared foods before at this korean eatery, but after having a chance recently to try out their by-the-pound buffet style lunch, I'm officially a fan and will stop by here for a quick bite.  I believe the buffet style food bar is open for both lunch and dinner.  They also have a slew of prepared items as well, including noodle dishes, soups, veggies, and various ban chan (Korean appetizers).  They also sell beer and soju!  Check out pictures of some of their items on Yelp.

Unlike many delis in the city, their buffet style lunch offers only pretty good quality korean eats....and they have quite a variety as well!  Choices range from cold dishes like kimchee and pickled items, to hot foods like veggies, noodle and rice dishes, and some meat dishes like bulgogi.  Prices are also reasonable at $6.99 a pound for good asian food.

Here's what I got on my first visit there:  (clockwise from the top) Some kimchee cold noodle salad, bulgogi, kimchee pancake, spinach pancake, tofu, pork cutlet, fried, chicken, and kimchee fried rice.  The cost for this plate is just over $7.  Every item was delicious and it was very filling as well! 

I strongly recommend stopping by if you're in Korea town in NYC and want a quick affordable bite!

12 W 32nd St
(between 5th Ave & Broadway)
New YorkNY 10001

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