Saturday, January 15, 2011

Welcome to my blog! First post...Mitsuwa!

Italians may now have Eataly in NYC, but long before that Japanese and asians in NJ have long been enjoying Mitsuwa (formerly Yaohan) for the better part of two decades now.  I believe most asians living in NJ have made a pilgrimage here at some point!   Mitsuwa is a Japanese grocery in Edgewater, NJ that sells really fresh produce, meats, fish, and yummy prepared foods.   If that's not enough, Mitsuwa has an excellent food court that serves the best Japanese fast food staples. 

For lunch today, I had one of the combination katsus  from the katsu stand!  That's shrimp, cheese and asparagus stuffed chicken, and a crab cream croquette over a bed of cabbage with ginger dressing.

These seaweed coated wings from the grocery looked yummy as well...I'd be doing my tummy a disservice by passing these up!

Some humble california rolls made awesome by adding negi toro (only $2!) on top and eating it together...

Finally, my lunch was topped off with Hoji (roasted green tea) soft serve ice cream!

Isn't this even better than a picture menu?   It's in your face 3D and so shiny that it whets your appetite!  It's from Katsuhana, where I got my lunch.

This is from another food stand that mixes Chinese, Japanese, and even some Korean elements in their food like kimchee.  

More from Mitsuwa to come!

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