Sunday, May 15, 2011

You Choun Korean Restaurant in Palisades Park, NJ!

It has been several years since I've been to You Choun in Palisades Park, which serves some great home-style Korean food, but was able to go after twice in recent months, including after a 5K run several weeks ago.  The restaurant is right on Broad Ave (Rt 1 and 9), not far from the George Washington Bridge.  This entry is actually pics from two recent visits there (before you think I ate all the food in one sitting hahaha).

You Choun doesn't have a huge menu, nor at-table grill-it-yourself BBQ, but what they do have some, including grilled short ribs, some great noodle dishes, and soups and stews, they have a great prices...

Once you sit down and make your are sent a mystery thermos!  First time I poured the contents into my tea cup and had it I was soooo excited.  It was some aromatic beef broth!  This is complimentary and is given to each table.  This is especially good on a cold day!

You also get a decent amount of complimentary ban chan...comprised of various kim chees, 
pickles, and salads to whet your appetite.

Here's a picture of their kimchee dumplings...I really enjoy this dish but it may not be for everyone. It's vegetarian and is also made of tofu inside.  But they're plump, healthy, and delicious!

I have no idea what happened to my picture of their kimchee pancake, but this is another one I took (its on the left), where you can see the banchan apps to the right as well.  Their pancake is very light but very crispy and definitely one of the best pancakes I've had in any Korean restaurant.

This is oxblood soup with tripe.  The flavors were great but my main quibble is that there were only very few chunks of ox blood or tripe in served with red bean rice.

This is a very unique noodle soup that they uses buckwheat noodles in a delicious beef
and seaweed broth.  

Definitely my favorite dish going to You Choun is the spicy cold noodle dish with sashimi.  This is actually the vegetable only, sashimi-free version with cucumbers, radish, and hard boiled egg.

Don't get me wrong, You Choun does have BBQ dishes as well, but they just cook it in the kitchen and not table side   While admittedly less fun than DIY, you don't need a minimum of two, orders, it's cheaper, and your clothes won't smell like bbq :p

Here is the short rib hamburger patties grilled and served on a sizzling plate (with rice).  It was really meaty,
tender, and delicious!  At I belive $13 it's not a bad deal.

Finally, the dish that is synonymous with Korean BBQ, grilled marinated short ribs!  You Choun's version is also delicious!

So there ya go...there are many solid options for Korean food in the Palisades Park or Fort Lee area in NJ, but You Choun serves no frills but solid Korean at great prices.

You Choun
135 Broad Ave

Palisades ParkNJ 07650

(201) 363-1950

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