Monday, May 2, 2011

Bonchon Chicken....Delicious Korean Fried Chicken (multiple locations)

If you're a fried chicken aficionado, you owe it to yourself to check out what's been going on with Korean's version of the favorite american staple...fried chicken.  There's a full on Korean fried chicken war going on right now in NYC, with many restaurants popping up in just the last few years.  Although Bonchon is probably the most well known chain with the most locations, there are many other Korean fried chicken joints in the Flushing or NYC area including Mad for Chicken, Kyo Chon, UFC - Unidentified Flying Chickens, and Debasaki.

Korean Fried Chicken is different from regular fried chicken since it comes in several flavors, but still retains it's very crispy exterior due to a double frying technique.  The two flavors that the chicken often comes in is spicy and soy garlic.

We had a Groupon for the location by Koreatown in NYC on 5th ave between 32 and 33rd st.

We ordered two combos (which come with drumsticks and wings)    This one is the Spicy combo:

This one is the soy garlic combo...although they essentially look the same they taste quite different!

Here is an inside look at one of the drumsticks...and yes that skin is as crispy as it looks!

So if you enjoy fried chicken and want to try something new aside from KFC and Popeyes, give Bonchon or any one of the other Korean fried chicken chains and see what the fuss is about!

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