Sunday, March 6, 2011

AMC Dine In Theater in NJ!

I was so excited when I found out that the new AMC Dine In Theaters that I've heard about last year where you can get food and drinks in the theater, had already been open for a few months.  When I checked the movie listings (I think this was in late January) I found that they already have three locations in NJ, but not in NY as of yet.  What was great about the listings is that they showed a number of more independent features as well, and that the theaters are looking to attract an older, adult audience.  I wanted to see 127 Hours, and drove down to the Menlo Park Dine In Theater branch.

Since there are much less seats than in a regular theater, the best option is to buy the ticket online where you can reserve your seat, which is in itself already a great feature.  In addition to the price of a regular ticket, you pay a $10 surcharge that goes towards food or drink in the theater.  You can check out the full menu here. If you spend more than the $10, they just give you the difference on a check they slip you towards the end of the movie.

When you get to an AMC Dine In Theater branch, the very first thing you notice is a FULL BAR right inside the lobby, which was very cool...and the prices for food and drinks are much more reasonable compared to buy a $5 soda, popcorn, or pretzels in a regular movie theater.

As for the actual theater, the seats were sooooo much more comfortable than regular's basically a leather recliner that has a small lamp to your left or right (see pic) so you can see your food.  Notice the ketchup and salt and pepper shakers to the right, which is weird to see in a movie theater!

Close up of the side panel with drink holder, and the swivel table (and my leg ha ha!).  

I ordered a tall beer at the theater!  Notice how there are much less seats...I believe only four 
on each side, which was great since I didnt hear anyone near me.

My girlfriend ordered the pomegranate martini well....because I guess it was pink? lol. 
Reasonably priced at I believe $7 or 8.

A shot of my bacon cheeseburger with parmesan fries for about $10.  It looks dim since they turned down the lights during previews.  The burger was too well done for me but the fries were great..overall a huge step up from popcorn and nachos.

If you like movies and are curious about new experiences, definitely check the Dine In Theaters out.  My only quibble, in the Menlo Park branch anyway, was how the service was kind of broken up and random where they brought out one drink, then the other one about 10 minutes later.  These aren't huge issues and may even have been an isolated incident, you owe to yourself to try this unique experience out!

Here's a great news feature on the full experience...

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