Monday, March 14, 2011

The Porchetta at Di Paolo's in Little Italy

I was in Chinatown and Little Italy in NYC on a Monday afternoon and stopped by Di Palo's and saw that there was absolutely no line!  Di PaIo is a famous Italian specialty store that can get quite quite hectic on the weekends.  Upon entering the store and walking to the counter I saw a whole freshly roasted Porchetta (an Italian, stuffed, boneless pork roast).

A pound is $12.99, which seems pricey but is totally worth it!  I got a slice which was half a pound.  As you can see the skin is very crispy, and it's stuffed with Italian herbs.  It was really moist when the clerk was cutting into it and the juices were running unto the parchment paper.

Here's the slice that I brought home for dinner.  It's very rich and the skin is crispy.  The meat is fatty, well seasoned, and flavorful!

200 Grand St
(between Mulberry St & Mott St in Little Italy)
New YorkNY 10013

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