Sunday, February 27, 2011

Keens Steakhouse and their Legendary Mutton Chop!

Just like Peter Luger Steakhouse, Keen's Steakhouse is a NY institution that has been around for over one hundred years that still packs in big business.  While both have their share of aged steaks and porterhouses for two or more, I wanted to go to Keens for their completely unique cut of meat, their legendary Mutton Chop.  While most steakhouses offer lamb chops, Keens is the only steakhouse that I know of that offers offers a huge lamb saddle as its centerpiece lamb dish and is a hugely popular menu item.

We were able to snag a table for a late Valentine's Day dinner and started out with the smoked bacon appetizer, which was so soooo good.  It was amazingly flavorful and just had the right amount of char to render out the right amount of fat to make it crisp and tasty.

We also got the crab cakes appetizer, which had a good amount of lump crab meat and not too bready.

Finally, the piece de resistance...their huge mutton chop, which is even BIGGER than it looks in pictures.  It's really enough for two people to share.  Just note that if you eat at the bar, they have a smaller (i.e. normal) sized cut for $25.  The lamb flavor comes through and the meat is really tender since it is cooked on the bone.  If you like lamb fat, those two side flaps of the saddle are basically crispy lamb gristle and fat...which are delectable but really rich.  The escarole that comes with the dish was delicious as well.

Another view of the Mutton Chop, notice that the slab of meat is over two inches thick!

Keens was an awesome meal but I might not be coming back for a bit, it's definitely a "splurge" restaurant but is perfect for special occasions....and the mutton chop definitely lives up to the hype!

72 W 36th St
(between 5th Ave & Avenue Of The Americas)
New YorkNY 10018
Neighborhood: Midtown West

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