Monday, February 21, 2011

Dallas BBQ: Cheap BBQ Joint in NYC!

Do you like BBQ?  Do you like ginormous and copious amount of meat?  Are you eating on a budget?  Throwing you diet out the window?  If you've answered "Yes" to three out of the four questions, don't delay and get your ass down to Dallas BBQ!  Dallas BBQ is known for their gigantic portions of food (and drinks), for cheap and affordable prices.   They have multiple locations in the city.  I've been to the Times Square location, but this time I went to check out the one in the East Village.

For a meal for two, I got the Sticky Wings ($9), which is fried and tossed in a honey mustard sauce, to split.  This "appetizer" features 5 of the biggest chicken wings I've ever seen.  Just check out the size of everything else on the table to get an idea of how big they are (and yes, those five wings are on a full size plate!).   The wings were super crispy but next time I'll get hot sauce on since this is a bit sweet for me.

For the entree we got the BBQ Beef Ribs to split.  I believe it was $11 or $12.  The mountain of ribs were actually really tender and a great deal for the amount of beef you get.  Look at where the knife is on the picture!

The beef ribs also come with a cornbread and a side of rice or potatoes.  We chose rice.  

This isn't highbrow fancy food here, but the bill for 2 came to $22 (without drinks).  Not too shabby for a meal in NYC huh!

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