Saturday, February 19, 2011

NYC Lunch: Oh Pelmeni Dumplings! Where have you been all my life?!

My second day in Brighton Beach, I wanted to try some more traditional Russian food and settled on Cafe Glechik.  I ordered two smaller dishes instead of a a full big entree with sides.  It was bitterly cold when I was there, and was dying for some soulfull comfort food.  I started with their unique take on Borscht, which was a "green" borscht with rice and egg.

You stir the soft poach egg like so....until...

The yolk breaks and mixes with the soup, which gave it a lot of body.  
The soup itself was well flavored and excellent.

The real surprise of the day, however, was how good these little dumplings were.  Called pelmeni, the flavor was not too different from similar Chinese boiled pork wontons or a boiled meat pierogies, but these tiny morsels that Cafe Glechik served up were just so juicy when compared to the wontons or pierogies that I've had before.  The pelmeni dough was thin but just had a perfect size and bite to it.

This is the Pelmeni "Siberian" from Cafe Glechik, served with a side of sour cream.  
For $6, you get about 20 mini dumplings.

I was already stoked to try this place out after reading some reviews on Yelp, but when I checked their website and menu, I HAD to try it after seeing that they were featured on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations about NYC Outer Borough eats, and that this yummy looking eatery was already featured on this episode that I had seen some time ago.  See the footage below (about 2 min in....)

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  1. This green borscht is actually Ukrainian. As any other borscht. It is simply very popular in Russian Federation as well.


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