Monday, May 26, 2014

Great burgers and Even Better Happy Hour at Zinburger in Clifton, NJ

I can be skeptical of chain restaurants, but was nicely surprised when I tried Zinburger. For me the mark of a good burger is how it stands up by itself without needing a bunch of crazy toppings, just to see how the beef stands out by itself.  While Zinburger does offer a lot of customization with toppings and a variety of choices with burgers, their "Plain and Simple Burger" which comes with lettuce, tomato, and mayo, is already solid choice.  Their beef is freshly ground daily and the patties are hearty, seasoned, and cooked well.  

If you're able to beat the after work crowd on a weekday and get there between 3 to 6pm, Zinburger has a great happy hour deal as well--Their Plain and Simple Burger is only $5 instead of the usual $9, and all sides are half price.  Zinburger has a few decent beers with their small beer selection, and during happy hour you can get any pint for $4 (otherwise a very reasonable $5 as well).

Here's a Plain and Simple Burger, cooked medium rare.  You can get a pint of Dogfish 60 or Magic Hat 9 for $4!  A great meal for under $10.

You can see their menu HERE.

They have multiple locations but I have just been able to go to the Clifton spot, and am not sure if the happy hour is good for the other locations as well.

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