Sunday, March 2, 2014

Onegin in the West Village for Upscale Russian Fare

My then girlfriend (and now fiancee!) and I had a date night and wanted to have some nice warm, stick to your ribs food on a cold night earlier this winter.  I had gotten a Groupon deal for an upscale Russian restaurant called Onegin in the West Village since I enjoy Russian food, and I was glad I did.

The deal consisted of two drinks, two apps, and entrees.  To start we both ordered our apps.  I started with the Solyanka, a warm soup filled with smoked meats, which was great for the cold.

My fiancee never had pelmeni dumplings before, and these delicious little dumplings are some of favorite dumplings of any cuisine.  These ones were made with veal, then boiled and served with sour cream which pairs perfectly with them.  Sooooo good.

For our entrees, she ordered the braised short ribs with truffle barley risotto and endive.  This dish was hearty and the short ribs were tender.  Using barley for the grain was also a nice twist.

I had the chicken and veal cutlets, which were served with a mushroom cream sauce.  The cutlets were very juicy and again, a very hearty dish.  

The deal also involved two flavor infused vodka shots.  These were tasty and strong, but not quite as strong as the drinks from The Russian Tea Room (one was enough to make both of us a little tipsy!)

The meal was great.  While the food doesn't completely blow you away, it was still solid and satisfying.  The portions were huge as well, and we couldn't even finish all that was served.  The ambiance was really nice and is a nice spot for a date. I believe the deal was for $55 for all that you see above, and as of this writing it's still up on Groupon.  

391 Avenue of the Americas
(West Village)
New York, NY 10014
Phone number(212) 924-8001

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