Monday, February 24, 2014

The Spicy Miso Ramen at Santouka at Mitsuwa Marketplace in NJ

Santouka is a Japan based ramen chain that opened at Mitsuwa Marketplace several years ago, and is one of the few decent ramen places to go to in NJ.  If you can get there on a weekday, do so unless you want to risk braving the crowds, lines, and fighting for a seat in the food court on a weekend.

When having ramen at Santouka I typically go for their Shio (salt) ramen, but this time around I wanted to try out their spicy miso ramen.  The spicy miso broth is very flavorful and rich, albeit a bit salty if you try to drink the whole bowl...the soup goes great with the noodles though, which have a nice bite.  There's also a decent amount of toppings and the pork topping is generous and tasty.

One of the main draws for the ramen place is the ability to upgrade to a delicious lunch box set for just a few bucks more, complete with a hard boiled egg, which is served on the side instead of a soft boiled egg in the soup, and a small rice dish that can be topped with pork, salmon roe, or natto (fermented soybeans).  I usually go for the pork, pictured below...

Overall, Santouka is a good ramen place and your best bet if eating at Mitsuwa, but there are better options in NYC, such as Totto Ramen, Hinomaru, or Ippudo.  It's definitely still yummy and worth a try if you're a ramen aficionado.

Santouka (at Mitsuwa Marketplace)
595 River Rd
Edgewater NJ 07020


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