Saturday, February 4, 2012

Brick Lane Curry House...Montclair Finally has a Decent Indian Restaurant!

Brick Lane Curry House is a popular Indian restaurant chain, with another one that has been open for years in NYC in the East Village.  The restaurant is also famous for their Phaal Curry challenge, which is made with ten different super hot chilies, and was featured on Man vs. Food!  The Montclair restaurant also serves the Phaal curry and has the same challenge, but Brick Lane also has a range of other traditional dishes.

At the Montclair location, they offer a lunch combo deal for $10.  In the East Village branch I believe they actually serve a lunch buffet for the same price!

I ordered the lamb vindaloo, which is a fiery, spicy curry.  The curry had a rich deep flavor 
and had a nice level of heat like a vindaloo curry should..

Along with the curry you get two side dishes: okra in a tomato rich based sauce and some yellow lentils or mung beans (not sure which)....But both were delicious!

You also get some great fresh naan, because there's not many things sadder
in Indian cuisine than getting cold/old/chewy naan.

All of the above plus you get a bowl of rice...not a bad lunch deal at all.  You get
great Indian food at a decent price.

The dessert served was something like a sweet Indian yogurt dessert...very flavorful and a 
great way to get the lingering spiciness of the curry out.

Here's the Phaal Challenge as featured on Man vs Food.

Brick Lane Curry House
540 Valley Road 
Upper Montclair, NJ 07043    
Phone: 973 509 2100 / 2172

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