Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rutt's Hut in Clifton NJ...a NJ Hot Dog Institution!

Rutt's Hut in Clifton has been open since the 1920s and has long been a popular spot in Clifton to grab a hot dog or just a quick bite at great prices.  What makes Rutt's Hut's hot dog so unique?  It's deep fried until the skin rips, and the dog is appropriately called the ripper.   And though while the skin itself isn't crispy or snappy as say a Gray's Papaya Dog, it's still a good juicy dog.  It's done to different degrees, from a regular ripper, to a well done, or to a cremated...where it's deep fried to a point where the dog itself gets a drier, almost jerky-like texture.

I usually get them well done or cremated, and what you see below is a cremated with relish.  But what makes the Rutt's Hut dog great in my opinion isn't even the fact that it's fried, it's their great and completely unique relish!  Make sure to use it when you get their hot dogs.

Here is the cremated without the can definitely see that it's really cooked through.

Aside from their hot dogs, Rutt's Hut also has a number of other popular menu items.  First is their delicious fries with gravy (it's a NJ thing!)  The serving is just right since it's not a mountain of fries, and is only $2.  

Their onion rings are also great and just a shade over $2.  

Finally, do you like your chili beefy and rich?  Get it at Rutt's Hut.   Their beef chili with beans is good and definitely tastes homemade and made from scratch.  

Rutt's Hut
(973) 779-8615
417 River Rd
CliftonNJ 07014

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  1. I have always loved hot dogs! Thanks for the overview. I am also looking for some great Mom and Pop Ice Cream Shoppes so any advice would be great!


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