Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NYC Sweets: Two Popsicle spots...Popbar and People's Pops

This summer I had the chance to try two upscale and fancy popsicle spots in NYC.  People's Pops has several locations, and I've seen stands at The Highline, Chelsea Market, and Brooklyn Flea Smorgasbourg, while Popbar has a shop in the West Village.

Popbar sells customizable (spellcheck says I just made up a word lol) gelato on a stick that you can dip with chocolate and add toppings such as nuts or coconut.  Here I have the half dipped chocolate and pistachio gelato with crushed pistachios.  It looks really pretty and it's good if you enjoy pistachios, but beyond that the flavors are very familiar really doesn't taste that different than a Nestle Crunch Bar.  

Here is the great display case; it looks so colorful and inviting and just beckons the customer to come in and buy a bar!

People's Pops on the other hand, does not sell any gelato on a stick but just sells popsicles with really unique flavor combinations.  They also sell shaved ice, and when I was there the only flavor they had at that time was  watermelon (at the Highline stand anyway).

The menu sounds great right, so we ordered the peach and jalapeno and the apricot lavender....and WOW both were amazing!  The apricot lavender was a very unique combination and the flavors really come through!  The bar itself is very fragrant and flowery.   The peach jalapeno was great as well; you can really taste both flavors distinctly.  I would urge you to try them the next time you come across their stand.  At $3.50 a pop it's worth it.  The one above is the peach jalapeno and the one below is the apricot lavender.

Dramatic right?  Next time I'm going to have to order the shaved ice to see them shave it by hand!

People's Pops

5 Carmine St by 6th Ave
NY, NY 10014

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