Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer 2011 Restaurant Week Review: A Great Meal at Lure Fish Bar

Made it to Lure Fish Bar in Soho for lunch on the last day of restaurant week for the summer this year.  Same deal as other lunches...three courses for $24.  The menu at lure looked enticing, with a great selection of seafood for both apps and entrees plus dessert for a mere $24 a person.  On paper the choices looked great but how does it stack up???

First, I ordered the salmon tartare to start, while everyone at the table couldn't help but order the raw oyster for their appetizer.  The tartare was very well prepared; it tasted very bright and fresh, was topped with salmon roe and , and came with some toast points and I think some basil oil .  A great great start!

Here it is...6 east coast oysters for a restaurant week appetizer.  This is really a great deal since oysters at a restaurant are often already at least $2 each (so this would at least be a $12 dish in most places).  The oysters were shucked well and delish!  It came with the usual cocktail sauce and cider vinegar with shallots.

We chose three different entrees from their menu, all of which were great.  The standout for the entree courses would be the steamed branzino.  The portion was surprisingly big not only since it's a restaurant week entree, but also it's usually an expensive fish dish that you order in other restaurants.  Lure's branzino was steamed was so soft and flaky and just melted.  It was topped with julienned oyster mushrooms sauced with a scallion soy sauce.  The pulled off the Asian flavors really well.

Another person at the table ordered fish tacos.  It may not look like it from the picture, but the fish tacos were actually really good! Again, the flavors were bright and crisp.  I forget what type of fish was used but it was topped with a citrusy slaw.

Lastly, another person ordered sushi.  While the sushi was of decent quality, the fact that you're getting 6 nigiri sushi, a roll, a seafood appetizer, and a dessert for $24 makes it quite a steal!

For dessert we made two choices.  Most ordered the cute little home made ice cream sandwiches.  Some thought they were a tad on the sweet side but I thought they were delicious and were the perfect little bites.

The other dessert was a warm molten chocolate cake, which was again not super original but was prepared very well.  Warm and oozy in the middle, the cake was cooked perfectly.  It came with some ice cream served on top of caramel popcorn, which actually went very well together!

All in all another great deal for restaurant week.  The food itself was just perfect and the fact that you're paying $24 for two quality seafood dishes including dessert practically makes the decision to come here a no-brainer.   I would so go again here winter in 2012.

Lure Fishbar 
142 Mercer St

(between Prince St & Houston St)
New YorkNY 10012
Neighborhood: SoHo
(212) 431-7676

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