Friday, April 8, 2011

Quick NYC Lunch: Baoguette for delicious Bahn Mi!

For the uninitiated, Bahn Mi sandwiches are Vietnamese sandwiches with French influences that have taken the city by storm during the past several years, with more and more locations that sell these delicious sandwiches around the city.  These sandwiches used to be mostly found in Chinatown before but have spread out all over.  Baoguette is probably the most recognizable place that sells these yummy treats, and they have numerous locations in the city (I went to the West Village spot which shares its space with Pho Sure...a Vietnamese Noodle shop).

Bahn Mi sandwiches are comprised of strips of cold cuts or roast pork, pickled carrots and radish, cilantro, and fresh jalapenos if desired, all served on a toasted baguette.  Chinatown's iterations of the popular sandwich usually run about $4 each.

Baoguette's sandwich is a little more expensive, but I feel justifiably so at $6 because:
 1) Food is so cheap in Chinatown, and 
2) They put A TON of roast pork in their sandwich!
Check out the photo below...

A closer look at the inside...note the thin layers of pork cold cuts (which taste like pate).

What's pictured is the classic "Baoguette" Bahn Mi, but they have other fillings too such as grilled pork chop topped with egg, Curry Beef, Spicy Catfish, BBQ Chicken, and Veggie.  If you haven't done so yet, definitely try a Bahn Mi sandwich...they're quick, cheap, and delicious!

Baoguette (with Pho Sure) 
120 Christopher St. in the West Village

Baoguette stand alone
61 Lexington Ave in Murray Hill

9 Maiden Lane by Wall St.

241 3rd Ave in Gramercy Park

37 St Marks Place in the East Villlage

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