Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Doughnut Plant NYC! As Addictive as Crack (and Legal!)

If you like donuts and live near the NYC area, you OWE it to yourself to check out Doughnut Plant NYC.  Just be warned that they can be addictive and will ruin all other donuts for you!    From the three times I've been Aside from the original Lower East Side location on Grand St, a new branch just opened by the Chelsea Hotel.  Although a bit more expensive than the usual donut (around 2.50 or 3), it is well worth it.  There are some amazingly creative flavors, some of which are rotated on a seasonal basis to keep people coming back...and come back they do!   There's always been a line whenever I stop or drive by, but again, it's well worth it.

Here's the rack of donuts:  Don't they look gooooood?

The creme brulee donut.  Small but packs a punch!  It amazing how they make it taste like the 
real thing...right down to the crispy sugary crust that "cracks."   

A look at the inside of the creme brulee, the cream is just like the rich creme brulee custard!
The donut is rich but not too sweet like say...a Krispy Kreme glazed donut.

The PB and J Donut.  Peanut butter glazed donut on the outside, jelly filling in the middle!

I also went last summer and had the Lavender donut, which has been rotated out...I also recently went again and they rotated out the Meyer Lemon Donut for the Pistachio Donut (review to come soon!) and Organic Orange Glaze Donut.   Second review of my follow up trip to Doughnut Plant to come soon!

Finally, I just wanted to mention something amazing.  Last year, Doughnut Plant NYC only had one location in the Lower East Side and I didn't think they had even franchised out at all...so imagine my surprise when I flew to Korea and saw that they had a branch in Incheon International Airport!  I didn't get to try any though, opting to get Korean food at the airport instead!  

OMG! Doughnut Plant NYC has gone global!

Doughnut Plant NYC
379 Grand St

(between Essex St & Norfolk St in the Lower East Side) 

New YorkNY 10002

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