Wednesday, February 9, 2011

NYC Restaurant Week: Perilla in the West Village

I am a huge Top Chef fan (what foodie isn't), and I was happy to finally be able to try Perilla.  Perilla is famous for being  Harold Dieterle's own restaurant that he opened right after winning the first season of Top Chef.   They were featuring a Restaurant Week three course menu (see full menu here).

Bar Snack:  Popcorn with sea salt and Togarashi
While waiting for our table to be prepared, we got the duck fat popcorn sprinkled with sea salt and Togarashi (Japanese powdered chili mix) at the bar for $3.  You don't really get much duck fat flavor but the Togarashi was a great idea as a popcorn seasoning!

Appetizer Courses:  
Spicy Duck Meatballs
Aside from the restaurant week apps, we HAD to try the spicy duck meatballs, Harold's signature dish from Top Chef season 1.  It comes with mint cavatelli pasta and topped with a quail egg.  The flavors of the tangy meatballs and the cool mint are an amazing combo and was probably the best dish I've had all evening!

Braised Rabbit Legs with spaetzle, tarragon, and reisling cream sauce.  
This dish is a perfect winter appetizer...warm, hearty, and full of flavor.

Delirium Carrot Soup with fennel coriander foam.  

Entree Courses:
Roasted Organic Chicken with lentils, turnips, and carrot puree.  
Yes, it's roast chicken but it was prepared very well and all the flavors on the plate melded together very well.

Crispy Neck of Colorado Lamb with farro, eggplant puree, and greek style yogurt.  

Side of Farro Risotto, with tarragon, parmesan, and fresh grape salad. 
Really great flavors but also really filling!

Dessert Courses:  
Gingerbread Cake with pear and creme fraiche ice cream

Chocolate Bread Pudding, with ice cream and strawberry compote

9 Jones St. 
(West Village)

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