Monday, July 21, 2014

Green Curry Ramen From Bassanova in Chinatown!

It's kind of an anomaly to see a hipster-ish ramen spot open right up on Mott St in Chinatown, so I was curious to try this spot out.  Having gone to Bassanova twice now...I can comfortably say that the only bowl of ramen probably worth getting is their Green Curry Ramen.

The Green Curry Ramen has broth that has a deep curry flavor and reminds me a bit of the thai noodle soup dish khao soi.  Bassanova's verion comes with thicker noodles, raw greens (including some raw okra which works well with the dish), some pretty good chashu, and a generous sprinkling of garlic. All the flavors work and it IS a very good bowl of ramen.

I'm not so high on the other items on the menu though.  I've also had a chance to taste two other bowls of ramen, the lemon and black pepper, as well their regular Tondaku ramen, and both were lackluster. Even though it's cash only, the ramen there is also a bit more expensive, and go from $13 to $15 for small-ish bowls.  The service was pretty good, though for a ramen spot it took a bit of time when I was there both times for the food to come out.  I was also there when there at about 6pm after work on a weekday, when the place was still largely empty.

So all in all, if you are a ramen aficionado, definitely get the Green Curry Ramen if you are there. Otherwise, if you are just looking for a place to get a bowl of noodle soup in Chinatown, you have many better and cheaper options.

Bassanova Ramen
76 Mott St
Chinatown, NY 10013
(212) 334-2100

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