Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Melaka in Atlantic City for for Great Malaysian Food!

So it's been a while since I was at Atlantic City earlier this year and am now craving some Malaysian food, and New Melaka was one of the highlights of my trip there last time.  It's located off the boardwalk but it's definitely worth the trip; the delicious home style and reasonably priced Asian fare is a nice change of pace from overpriced casino restaurants and the usual boardwalk fast food eats.

My girlfriend and I had started out with the roti canai, which is a must-have item app if you're at a Malaysian restaurant.  Theirs was just ok, and I don't remember it have any pieces of chicken in our portion.

It was a bit of a cold day, so we ordered a beef curry noodle soup to warm our tummies, and their version was better than the ones I've had in NYC Chinatown.  The broth was full of flavor and there was a good amount of tender braised beef brisket.

Lastly, we ordered the pork chop curry, and this dish was phenomenal!  I've never had a dish like this before and don't remember seeing this at some of the Malaysian spots I've been to, but the pork chops were first fried and sauteed and a rich curry sauce.  This was definitely the highlight of the meal.

If you're in AC make sure you stop by and check this place out, I know I will!

New Melaka
28 S Tennessee Ave
Atlantic City NJ, 08041

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