Monday, June 24, 2013

NYC Quick Lunch: Yummy By-the-pound Rodizio at Villa Brazil in Astoria!

If you're like me and you enjoy eating meat, you probably have been to a rodizio, a Brazilian buffet style meal where servers keep offering you never ending arrays of skewers of different cuts of meat.  And if you're like me, you probably ate more than a healthy amount of meat during that meal!

Buffets are pricey and not the healthiest option, so when I learned of a reasonable by the pound type deli that offers hot food in Astoria called Villa Brazil, I was stoked to try it out.  The prices are as follows:  $4.99 for only buffet hot food items, $5.99 for buffet items plus rodizio, and I believe $8.99 for just rodizio meats.  They have a decent selection of standard rodizio as well, from short ribs, top loin, chicken hearts, hanger steak, sausages, chicken, etc.  The quality of the hot foods and meats are decent as well.

All this deliciousness for less than $10!

I have been coming here for a bit now often when I work in Queens and need a bite after work.  It really is a great no-frills place for lunch. 

Villa Brazil Cafe Grill
4316 34th Ave
Astoria NY, 11101
(718) 472-0090

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