Friday, February 15, 2013

Daddy O in the West Village for Great Bar Food!

I bought a Groupon for a spot near my office so one day after work before a show my brother and I decided to stop by for a drink and a din.  Daddy O is a bar that I've walked by countless times and located right at 7th Ave South, but I've never had the chance to step into the small unassuming bar.

While I didn't see a happy hour list posted, the place was packed.  All the tables were taken so we sat at the bar.  Daddy O does not have a big beer selection, but their house made brew tasted excellent.

The deal came with food, and looking at the menu I HAD to order the "Garbage Plate" (which is an Upstate NY creation).  Daddy O's version is home fries with macaroni salad topped with chili with meat and beans, two burgers, and mustard.  Yes, this is drunk food but tasted awesome even after one beer!  It sounds really weird but all the flavors oddly worked together!  The plate is regularly $15 and is an insane amount of food; I wasn't able to even finish half..

You know you want this!  You just don't know it yet...

By the way, their taters are awesome.  Super crispy, and tastes like it's fried twice.  I wish that you can choose to top them with different items.

Daddy O
44 Bedford St
By 7th Ave South
New York, NY 10014

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