Sunday, December 23, 2012

Alla Spina in Philly for Delicious Italian Bar Fare and Great Beers

It was a warm Sunday night in Philly in this past July prior to an outdoor show to see Sigur Ros, and my brother and I decided to got to Alla Spina to check out Marc Vetri's take on the Gastropub.   Alla Spina has a pretty good draft beer selection ranging from local micro brews to beers from Italy and other European beers.

That Sunday night, they were also running a happy hour special featuring .50 cent wings.  The wings here were awesome, and were very crispy and season with parmesan and lemon.  I think we had two orders of these haha.

Another standout was their changing selection of fish or meat crudo, and that night the veal crudo that we 
had was amazing.  

Another good dish is the fried pigs tails with fennel agrodolce.  Not sure what that is, but it tasted 
sweet and paired well with the crispy tails.

Marc Vetri is known for pasta, and his potato gnocchi did not disappoint!  They were super soft and pillowy, and just slightly charred on the outside to give it a nice earthy flavor.

Their fried escargot seemed interesting, and they were indeed fried well and crisp, but I think 
I prefer mine with the traditional garlic butter sauce.

Finally, I love Montreal and LOVE poutine, so we had to get the poutine with guinea hen leg bolognese.
This dish was just ok, and to be honest, just almost tasted like chili cheese fries more than poutine.  Still goes well with beer though I suppose!

If you're in Philly and looking for a place with good beer and good food, give Alla Spina a shot.  

Alla Spina
1410 Mount Vernon St
Philadelphia, PA 19130
(215) 600-0017

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