Monday, April 23, 2012

Five Combinations Lunch Box in Chinatown for Some Quick Eats

Don't be fooled by it's super dingy appearances, but Five Combinations in Chinatown on Center Street serves some cheap Chinese food in a communal, cafeteria style setting.  You pick five items from the buffet style line up of food, as servers serve you the items of your choice after you pay the cashier $4.75.

There's a variety of noodle dishes, white and fried rice, as well as meat and veggie dishes to choose from.  You also get a pretty tasty pork broth soup with radish for your order when you eat in...

One one visit, I got rice noodles, fried chicken leg (it's actually pretty awesome here as they season it with curry powder), some stir fried blue crab in ginger/scallion, braised pork, and stuffed bean curd skin.

On another visit, I chose their fried chicken leg again, lo mein, egg foo young (also really good), fried fish, and braised pork with bamboo shoots.

It's not the cleanest place, and beware the restroom as it's pretty dirty, even by Chinatown standards I've been eating here for a while though and haven't gotten sick yet hahaha.

Five Combinations
195 Centre St.
(between Hester and Grand)
NY, NY  10013

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