Monday, November 7, 2011

Royal Buffet in East Hanover, NJ...Decent Dim Sum at a Chinese Buffet?

Chinese buffets are a dime a dozen nowadays, but it's rare to find one that includes a selection of actual Chinese dishes in addition to the usual Americanized ones.  It's also rare to find one that have decent dim sum as well, and Royal Buffet is actually a viable option if you are craving dim sum for cheap!  Even rarer is that this place is in the middle of surburbia, NJ in quiet East Hanover.

Even on Sundays, the more expensive weekend lunch price is only I believe around $12 a person, which isn't too bad considering how dim sum can really add up.

For the first plate, I grabbed a variety of dumplings that they had, including some fried shrimp dumplings, chicken feet, chive dumpling, tripe, and taro puff.  They also had "har-gow", which is a super popular steamed shrimp dumpling item, but I skipped it since it looked a bit dried out.  Everything else on the plate tasted ok though.

I got some clams in black bean sauce, a bit of fried calamari, and some broccoli, which were all decent.  The clams are in a big chaffing dish, but still tasted pretty good!  They also had some fried frogs legs, which I didn't get around to having this time...

Finally I had some fried salted shrimp, some steamed flounder with scallion and ginger, and (I forget what that is in the background haha).  The fried shrimp tasted ok but wasn't quite as crispy any more sitting in the tray, but the fish was still surprisingly moist...just make sure you grab it when it first comes out!

For dessert, they had the soft cocunut/peanut pastry, egg custard, and the fried sesame ball...
all were pretty good! 

I also tried the soft mango gelatin dish with lychee...this was very light and tasted mild as well.  
A great way to end the meal!

So if you find yourself stuck in NJ anywhere near the East Hanover area and are craving some dim sum, head on by to Royal Buffet.  The pass the 

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