Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Quick NYC Lunch: Grand Sichuan in the West Village!

Decent, reasonably priced Chinese food can be hard to find outside of Chinatown, but luckily enough was able to stumble upon a place near work in the West Village due to a work lunch.  Grand Sichuan, that has great lunch special deals clocking in most from $6 to 8 and serves more authentic fare than Chinese takeout with just a bit of a difference in prices.

Sichuan food = spicy food, and one of the quintessential Sichuan dishes is the Ma Po Tofu...stir fried tofu with ground pork in a spicy, tingly chili sauce.  With the lunch special you can get a choice of brown, white, or fried rice as well as well as soup or spring roll to start.  

The actual dish is pretty authentic, it's spicy with a kick and not toned down for the uninitiated!

We also ordered the spicy double cooked pork...with sauteed pork belly, chilies, and leeks.  Another pretty spicy dish and very tasty, but maybe just a bit greasy....still tasted great though!

Grand Sichuan is a solid stop for lunch in NYC if you're craving Chinese but want better-than-takeout-quality food.  The restaurant also has numerous locations in the city (We went to the 7th Ave South location).

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